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Reminders I needed (and you might too)

Reblogged from Jessica (HDB):

Being a book blogger is tough sometimes. It's true. You read for the love of it, you review to promote the books you adore, that's the good part. Then there are times when you have to write that review. The one of the book you didn't like. The one of the book you may have nearly despised. The one that you're afraid other people will berate you for.


After almost four years of being a book blogger, I still get peeved sometimes. I just have to remind myself that it's all good. Go with the flow and all that.



Here are things I needed to be reminded of, that you might too:


* It's totally okay to love a book everyone else doesn't.


I'm not kidding when I say that I often pick up books simply because everyone else didn't like them. I've found a few hidden gems in that pile. Others I've given up on and wholeheartedly agreed with everyone else. Even my best reading friends, the ones who have the same tastes as me, find books now and then that they love and I don't. It's natural. Don't let what others say put you off from picking up a book you might love. Give it a chapter or two. Why not?


* It's equally okay to dislike a book everyone else loves.


Again my friends, it's all about opinions. That's what reviews are. Opinions. Don't bash someone else for not clicking with a book you loved. Accept that it's nothing against you, and let it go. Chances are you'll agree on a book or two in the near future and can rally or rant against it as the need calls for :).



That's it. Thanks for listening.