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I read books about lesbians, sometimes a few others thrown in, mostly Lesfic, F/F books. Come join me on my journey!

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Love Waits

Love Waits - Gerri Hill Any book that I can lose my self in and get away from the world is a winner to me. This has to be by far one of the best reads I’ve read to date. I am not a spoiler for other people. I do believe in letting people know my opinion. High school sweethearts who fall in love and break up, end up going to a reunion that they weren’t completely prepared for. After much chaos and some broken hearts the meaning of love shines through the pile. I love this book because the story line is well written. It’s not a book that jumps around and you are getting lost between characters. I am glad this is a book I will own forever because it will become well read. When I read this book I think of the book by Nicholas Sparks called The Notebook. Now 99% of the world has heard about it or seen it. In my opinion I believe it’s a romantic story just the same. It may not be in the same format or time.. but it’s classic and sweet. I give this book five hearts and the porch swing stamp because I love it so much!